Welcome. Limor Farber Design Studio offers graphic design, illustration, calligraphy and hand lettering services as well as specially designed products and original fine art. The studio helps businesses and individuals express what they do best with eye catching presentations, aims to inspire the best in humanity, and shares an appreciation of the beauty and spirit of life through fine art and design.

Integrating a variety of techniques, media, and artistic disciplines, Limor develops original concepts to communicate visually, bringing ideas to new levels. Projects range from marketing materials for web and print to client based commercial product development to social design to functional art. The creative process is a journey, where each client's vision and personality is expressed through the realization of unique underlying themes.

Like looking through the overlapping branches of a tree, each layer of the creative work found here merges into the other, becoming the trees canopy. Together we are growing a diverse forest. Portfolios include commercial design, collaborative projects, as well as personal works from Limor's private collections. Prints, books, and original art are available for purchase where indicated. Enquiries are welcome for art licensing, private commissions, illustration, product development and design services. Enjoy your visit!